Electrical Panels Replacement

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Electrical Panels Replacement

Electrical Panels Replacement | Discount Electric - Corpus Christi, TX

Many homes and businesses in the Corpus Christi, TX community continue to have their power managed by inadequate and service-restricting fuse panels or outdated electrical panels. Discount Electric has offered residential and commercial electrical panel replacement services for the last 12 years. We provide quality work at discounted prices. Call us today for all your electrical panels replacement needs!

How do you know you need an electric panel replacement? Consider the home's age and the existing panel. Most homes that are 35 years or older generally have worn connections that can result in electrical fires. Today’s large selection of modern appliances can exceed your current electrical panel's operating capacity.

When we install a new 200-amp electrical panel in your home, it will be able to expand and absorb future home improvement and electrical projects.

Other reasons to have an electrical panels replacement service completed in your home include:

• Inconsistent or flickering lighting
• Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers
• Overheating conductors
• Visible arcing or damage in your current panel
• Only having 100-amp service
• New homeowners' insurance policy
• Installation of new circuits for room additions or property improvements
• Multiple disconnects from previous remodeling

We offer our customers free estimates and consultations. We will perform a full electrical inspection before making any recommendations about your service. To guarantee your satisfaction, we will validate your need of an electrical panel replacement or advise you on another service or course of action to correct your electrical issues.

If you need electrical panels replacement services, call Discount Electric. Someone will be available to answer your questions and schedule a free estimate!